Throughout my life, in my “up” moments and in my “down” moments, two big loves have always remained constant: writing and cooking.

Both activities would surface unasked, and never failed to absorb, and to sooth my emotions, whether of joy or grief.

Words” and “food”. Two natural reoccuring outlets that my soul would always seek. For support, for grounding, but mainly for understanding.

The latest grief my family experienced has been a real “shocker”. In both its cruel nature, and in its timing. Having come in close succession to a series of family losses, and not having had enough time to recover, our latest loss has very nearly “floored” me.

It has also made me realise that life does not stop and wait for us to gather up the broken pieces, and to slowly get up and “resume”. Life does continue, with or without our willingness to be part of it.

Little steps, little actions, whatever makes us feel better, whatever gives us relief, one day at a time… Hence this blog. Writing and Cooking of course. What else?!

As I start this, I keep my family as my focus. Intending to gift them the loving memory of their grandmothers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts & uncles.

Our” family, and its kitchen traditions, preserved for us all, and for generations to come….