Turkey Schnitzels

turkey schnitzel-finished product
Turkey Schnitzel-finished product

Its been a rough couple of days! Grief has this funny way of popping its head uninvited, welling up inside, like a big wave slowly gathering momentum. Just when you think you’re getting stronger, that darkness is not as dark anymore, bam, the wave washes over you, threatening to pull you under. … Trying to understand it, trying to reason with yourself, trying to talk yourself out of it; simply does not work! You just have to accept it, feel it, and hope that time will eventually take care of it. And of you.

Today is too cold and windy for another long walk on the beach, some serious kitchen therapy is needed, and big time!!!

I just made a couple of phone calls and scheduled four friends for dinner on Saturday. A full blown cooking marathon: two days from today! They are all excellent cooks. Now, there is a challenge! What’s on the menu? I don’t know yet, I’ll just go shopping and something will pop up. We shall see.

Meanwhile my husband & I need to eat. I’m thinking something comforting, and easy, and light.

Turkey Schnitzels and Couscous salad. Yum… I can taste it already…

Turkey Schnitzels:

So easy, so quick, and never fails. Its one of those dishes I often fall back on whenever I’m at a loss as to what to cook. I usually do it with chicken breasts fillets, but since turkey breast is what I have in my fridge today, it will work just as nice. I love the combination of the outside crispiness and the inside tenderness.

Unfortunately I do not have measurable quantities for you, so you’ll just have to wing it, and trust that you can be no wrong, except over frying of course!

For your assembly station you will need the following:

a small heap of plain bread crumbs

add a handful of grated Parmesan & some salt

mix well with your fingers

(you can replenish if you run low, using the same proportions as above. It all depends on the quantity of turkey or chicken I guess. I prefer to mix fresh as needed, rather than start with a big quantity and ending up with the remainder in the garbage!)

beat one egg, salt & pepper and a few drops of milk

fillets your turkey or chicken

dip each fillet in the egg mixture, then dredge it in the breadcrumbs making sure it is well covered on both sides. Press well with the palm of your hands applying some pressure to flatten the fillets further if needed, and to also make sure that the breadcrumb mixture has stuck nicely to your schnitzels.

Pan fry in some olive oil, on medium heat, until golden and crisp on both sides. Keep in mind that your schnitzels are thin, so make sure you do not over fry or they will become rubbery.

That’s it, drain on kitchen paper to remove any excess oil. You can serve warm as a main meal, or cold in a sandwich If I have leftovers, I sometimes cut them into small strips and serve them with a sweet chili sauce in the center of the plate. It is great as an appetizer served with drinks.





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