Chicken with Green Olives and Lemons

While I’m still on my olive kick of late, and definitely having way too many olives in my kitchen, I think I will make us: Chicken with Green Olives and Lemons. I’m a sauce freak, and this sauce I tell you is so yummy, you’ll see! On the side? I don’t know yet, maybe Basmati? maybe boiled potatoes? We shall see.

I miss my kitchen!

chicken w/olives & lemons-finished product


2 chicken legs cut into thigh & drumsticks

2 chicken breasts fillets

(I use the breast fillets because my husband does not like to fiddle around w/bones! Since I believe that it is the bones that give the dish its rich taste, I compromise by using both kinds: w/bones and boneless!)

2 medium size tomatoes cut into wedges

1 large onion cut into wedges

1 lemon cut in half and sliced medium thin

1 cup green olives with the pits (again it’s the pits -like bones- that have all the taste!)

½ a cup capers

1 cup white wine

sea salt

pepper corn





Sprinkle the chicken pieces with sea salt, pepper corn, and coriander, and brown on both sides in some olive oil (yes I know, it is the only oil I use!!)

Remove from pan and set aside

in the same pan, add the onion wedges, stirring to loosen the stuck pieces of browned chicken

add the tomato wedges, stir

add the lemon slices, stir

add the capers, olives, and wine

top up with some water

then add your browned chicken pieces, cover, and simmer on medium heat, adding water when necessary, until chicken is tender, and sauce delicious!

Serve with some Basmati, or some boiled potatoes. You may also opt to serve with some crisp French Bread of the side. Anything you fancy, but believe me, you will definitely need to mop up that sauce!!



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