Spicy Curried Chicken Mini Pies:

Spicy Curried Chicken Mini Pie-Finished Product
Spicy Curried Chicken Mini Pie-Finished Product

I may as well continue with my appetizer/finger-food spree. Last one today. I promise!

This is absolutely delicious, and the flavours are quite intense. It doesnt necessarily have to be hot (as in spicy), the heat entirely depends on your curry mix. You should be familiar with the strength of your curry powder in order to decide how much is needed. But you need to make sure that your mixture is well flavoured in order to answer as well as balance the sweet element of raisins in the filling.


2 cups chopped left over cooked chicken

1 medium onion, chopped

1 cup frozen defrosted peas

1 cup chopped fresh mushroom

1tbsp flour

¾ cup raisins

1 cup hot water

curry powder

1 large sheet of puff pastry

1 egg beaten (for glazing)


cover your raisins with the hot water and set aside until plump

Saute onions in a bit of olive oil

add mushrooms

add peas

add curry powder

add flour

add raisins with their water

simmer for just a little bit until you have a guey mixture on the thick side

set aside till completely cool

cut your pastry into rounds to fit your mince pie tray (no butering needed, and no paper lining either)

Place rounds in the tray

add a generous amount of filling in each

cover with pastry lids (cut the same size as the bottoms)

press with your fingers, followed by the edge of a a fork, round each pie in order to seal the edges

brush with beaten egg

bake in a pre-heated 180centigrade oven until golden brown

pop out of the tray while still hot and place on counter to cool off

once cool you can freeze them if you wish and re-heat when needed before serving





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