Greek Lagana Bread

Greek Lagana Bread-1
Greek Lagana Bread-1

My God, I absolutely die for this bread!!!

Unfortunately it is made and sold only once per year on Clean Monday, marking the start of Lent for Greek Orthodox Easter.

It is a huge flat bread, crispy, with sesame seed sprinkled on top. The bread is mostly crust which makes it absolute heaven to eat with just about anything! Traditionally it is eaten that day with Taramosalata, or any sort of a spread really. I love eating it even with just plain old olive oil with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt in it.

Did I mention that I just love this bread?!

Unfortunately the bread does not keep long as it goes hard very fast. But I’m not one to let go very easily of all things loved, so I do my absolute best to make it last as long as I possibly can.

We usually buy two loaves, one of which I slice and freeze. You can take the frozen slices and place directly in the toaster. I first cut it in half length wise, then proceed with the slicing. It tastes just as nice as the first day.


Now on to slicing, followed by battling with the contents in my freezer for enough room to store this delicious chunk of heaven!



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