Baked Fish

Version 2

Talk about the abundance of seafood these days, here is a recipe that always pops up on my “lazy days”. Any time of year. It is incredibly easy, and incredibly fast. Not to mention healthy, and always delicious.

It is also great for last minute company. All you need is maybe some roast potatoes, a nice big green salad, and you’ve got dinner for four!


1 kg fish filet (I always use frozen perch filet since that’s what’s readily available in the frozen section of our supermarket. It is also not very fish-y if you know what I mean. But any thisck-ish fish filet will do just as nicely).

1 red pepper cut in large wedges

1 lemon sliced

cumin seeds

sea salt

olive oil



cut the fish into fairly decent portions and place in a baking tray

sprinkle salt, cumin seeds, and drizzle some olive oil

place the lemon slices on top of the fish

place the pepper wedges in between

bake in 200C pre-heated oven until its done

(I honestly never timed it, just look at the colour, and test the fish for done-ness)





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